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    Our channel battle team thread [Please, read carefully]


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    Our channel battle team thread [Please, read carefully]

    Post  WeMajor on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:30 am

    All right everybody, we need to start Channel Battlind (cbing) seriously. Right now we need to form our team (for now it doesn't matter how strong it it but we need to start). Lately we've won by attacking some channels the very last second or minute of cb, but now we need not to hide aside from other crews while they are cbing, we now have to patricipate too, to prove that we are a strong crew and are worth something.

    First of all let me remind you some of the prevelegies you get from cbing:
    1. You get fame, crew gets fame. You've got a chance to prove that You are a real racer in cb. This way more members will wanna' join us and this way we can finally grow further and stronger.
    2. You get discounted mittron (fuel) if you win a channe. 10, 20 or 30% im not really sure, but the fact is that you do get a discount on it.
    3. Leader of crew gets payment for a channel's mittron (in case we win a channel). Whenever some player on the server refuels, some of his refuelling amount go to our pocket. Yes, the payment isn't really big (approx. 100k a day, so multiplied by the amount of days [between each cb] we will get 100*7=700k mito per channel, so, imagine if we, say, win 2 channels 700*2=1.4mil per week or even more if we got more channel). Will this mito go to me you'll ask!? No, moreover, i'll distribute the amount of mito we won between the members that patricipated, not leaving anything to myself (suppose we had a team of 8 racers including me and we won a channel. That means at the end of the week each of you 7 will get 100k each [in case we do win a channel]). Pretty nice isn't it?!
    4. There're usually only 3 points of cb's advantages. BUT! I wanna add more from myself...
    Usually only pro racers/players patricipate in cbs. But we gonna take for a cb everybody who wishes (and got all the requirements below). It doesn't mean that only good, pro players gonna' cb, no, i wanna take every of you because cb is an extremely awesome way to get skill, to get better.

    Now to the requirements (as i mentioned above):
    1. You must have a v9. (I was thinking about this point a lot, but decided to include it, because it isn't hard to get at all).Neither Your parts nor Your skill matters.
    2. You've proven that you are an active player and I can rely on You. This means that you've never let me down. You always are able to inform me if you ain't getting on the next cb (either via forum, msn [arkride@km.ru], dc message, or ventrilo [color=red]ope, i can buy soon).
    3. You are communicative. You can tell me if you can come or can't. If you told me you can patricipate and then it turned so, that you gotta' do some things at cb's time (life is much more important than a game, you know) and won't be able to come, You INFORM ME.

    As a conclusion, I just wanna' say that those rules, of course, do apply to me too. And everyone's equal. I am able to undertand every kind of situation (life is unexpected and you dunno' what await you behind the corner). But I really want us to be a nice, responsible, friendly & bright crew - ACME!

    Main cb team:
    1. WeMajor
    2. Savossa
    3. Danny6594
    4. markjohns
    5. Warp
    6. SwiftWheels
    7. Aegis

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    Re: Our channel battle team thread [Please, read carefully]

    Post  swiftwheels on Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:05 pm

    I would be more then happy to participate in the channel battles.

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    Re: Our channel battle team thread [Please, read carefully]

    Post  Aegis on Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:45 pm

    Lets do this!

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    Re: Our channel battle team thread [Please, read carefully]

    Post  GanjaGuru on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:38 pm

    I'll always be down for battles! I'm super competitive

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    Re: Our channel battle team thread [Please, read carefully]

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