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    How to Add Additional Points to our Parts?


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    How to Add Additional Points to our Parts?

    Post  Warp on Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:37 am

    This tutorial will teach you how to make your parts better.


    If you will add points to your parts, you won't be able to Trade them and Put them in AH(Auction House).

    1) First of all, you will need a Converting Solution. There are 3 types of Converting Solutions. You can get them in the Parts Shop.

    A - Improves Speed.
    B - Improves Acceleration.
    C - Improves Durability and Boost Time.

    2) For this tutorial I will be using a C type Solution on a H Lotus part.

    3) Open the "Convert" tab in the Parts Shop and put the items in order just like me.

    4) Press the "Convert" button. Congratulations! You have improved your part!

    5) I recommend buying Enchancement Formula in the Drift Shop. Basically, what it does, is when you convert your parts, you always have a chance to decrease your additional points, the formula, however, negates this disadvantage.

    Good luck improving your parts!

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