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    ROO vs OMD


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    ROO vs OMD Empty ROO vs OMD

    Post  Warp on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:14 pm

    Okay, guys, this is gonna be my personal view on omd and roo. I was omd and roo, so I have the right to judge which one is better.



    - You can do HUV missions.
    - You get more Mito.
    - You have instant missions.
    - The Patrol Route is easier than ROO's.



    - You get more EXP.


    I choose ROO.

    Okay, now you're probably thinking WTF???? It's true, that omd has more advantages.... but do they benefit us? Lets check...

    1) Yes, OMD can HUV.... So what? Find a player, who is omd.... he will be standing and calling for huvs, while ROO's do the fun job killing those HUVs and receiving some fancy parts.

    2) Yes, OMD get more money.... So what? Missions are finished and I need more money o.O... Those small mito bonuses don't give sht.... However... if you do a ROO Patrol you will reveive 5 H parts each time you succeed, which is 10k, if u sell them in the Parts Shop. + Mysterious Boxes have a chance to drop 5 ME's, which is already about 120k additional. +ROO Patrol gives you more exp than OMD.

    3) Yes, OMD have Instant missions.... So what? Does extra 250exp benefit you? Is it worth doing 1k combos for it? NO!.... If you do Exodus and you are ROO, you will get much more additional EXP than OMD does. The gap is about 250 - 1200 EXP.

    4) Yes, OMD's Route is easier... So what? What's the point of taking OMD, if you gonna do patrol? Take ROO!

    As you can see, OMD doesn't benefit us as much as ROO does. In my opinion, ROO's just ride on OMD's. If you have read this tutorial, this doesn't mean, that you "MUST" choose ROO. It's just my opinion and you are not forced to take ROO if u don't want to. Deciding between ROO and OMD depends on the person.... Think... What do you like doing the most... and how much you like doing it.

    I hope this tutorial changed someone's mind on ROO's and OMD's.


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    ROO vs OMD Empty Re: ROO vs OMD

    Post  xBandoo on Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:16 pm

    In my opinion i think they are the same because they all get you somewhere, OMD gives you more money and ROO gives you more exp. If you have troubles getting exp, choose ROO. If you have trouble getting Mito choose OMD. ROO will help you from less time. OMD will save you time trying to lvl up, etc.

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